Critiquing Services

Critiquing Services

If you've had no luck finding a successful critiquing relationship
with another writer or group, this service could be beneficial to you.
Or, even if you have found others to read over your work, you might
not feel confident in their suggestions and comments.

Good news? This service is very affordable and can point out issues
you can possibly fix on your own.

My critiques are:

Helpful - If I see issue with anything, plot or structure related, I tell
you why it's an issue and even give you resources such as links or
examples to explain my point. You can't learn if you don't know what's
Thorough - My critiques cover many things, including grammar and
the basic fundamentals of writing as well as technique.
Positive - What good is a critique if after reading it you want to quit
writing forever? My view on this is to be a helping hand. Not a hindrance.
I'm honest. But I won't tell you to give up. We writers have to stick
together! There is much to learn, but we all began somewhere.
    Here are the critiques I offer:
    • 5 page - $20
    • 10 page - $35
    • 15 page - $50
    *Instructions on Purchasing:

    *Simply select the critique you'd like to purchase from the
      PayPal drop down menu below.

    *You'll be able to leave me a message letting me know
      when you will be emailing pages.

    *Pay for your critique. 

    *Email pages, IN AN ATTACHMENT, to
      Subject Line: Your name and the critique you selected. 
      Example: johnsmith/5pagecritrequest    
    *That's it! Super simple.

    *Critiques will be returned to you in no more than 7 days,
      barring any unforeseen circumstances.

    *Fine Print: Crits done in Track Changes through MS Word 2010.
      If you do not have a compatable word processor, or would like to
      submit a hard copy via mail, contact me at

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